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About 75 percent of what we perceive as taste actually comes from our sense of smell.

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Skipped Heart Beats

Are they serious or just an
annoying symptom?

More on Palpitations
by Paul Nadler, MD
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine
University of California San Francisco

Pain in the wrist?

Do you know the symptoms of
carpal tunnel syndrome?

More on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
by E. Gene Deune, MD
Johns Hopkins Department of Orthopedic Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery

Are you considering LASIK surgery
to correct your vision?

More on LASIK Surgery

Memory Loss

Could your forgetfulness
be an early symptom of AD?

More on Alzheimer's Disease
by Bruce Miller, MD; Lara Heflin, PhD
UCSF Memory & Aging Center
University of California San Francisco

Panda Sex

Researchers at the Wolong Panda Reserve have produced a "Panda Porn" tape to inspire viewing Panda couples to make a love connection.

Pandas' only have a three day window for mating and zoo officials have been experimenting with different methods to increase their breeding results. Zoo workers had previously tried administering Viagra, but that resulted in arousal that lasted far too long.

In the wild, pandas tend to live in isolation and do not witness other pandas mating. Officials at Wolong decided to try producing a tape showing other pandas mating.

The Zoo reports that their panda sex tape, which includes sound, has been a big success. The almost 100% success rate has led to a baby explosion.

China earlier this year announced the results of a first comprehensive survey of its wild panda population. The survey showed there were an estimated 1,600 of the pandas left in the wild, and 161 were reported to be living in captivity.

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

The FDA approved the first medical laser for hair removal in the mid 1990's. Since that time, the use of lasers for cosmetic hair removal has continued to grow in popularity. The technology has continued to improve as well, providing better results and safer treatments for people of more diverse skin and hair colors. At the onset, laser hair was only for people with dark hair and light skin. The new advancements have made it possible to treat people with darker skin, tanned skin, and blond, gray, or red hair.

Both men and women are searching for effective ways of removing unwanted hair. The most common form of hair removal is shaving, but it is a very temporary method. Many people have tried waxing, but it is painful and the results are temporary as well. Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal option, but it is painful, as well as time-consuming and expensive for large treatment areas. Laser hair removal has become a popular cosmetic procedure because it is able to treat large body areas relatively fast with a minimal amount of pain and long-lasting results.


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