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Oct 15

Human Urine Sauerkraut


Human Urine Cabbage

In a blind taste test, 7 out of 20 people preferred the taste of sauerkraut made from urine fertilized cabbage. It may seem like a twisted prank of sorts, but the findings were actually part of a legitimate scientific study conducted by Finnish researchers.

The practice of fertilizing with human urine is not a new concept. Although the method is not commonly used today, it has been known since ancient times. Aside from the obvious repulsion factor in today’s germaphobic world, there are many benefits to using human urine as a fertilizer.

Not only is human urine organic, inexpensive, and abundant, but it is a good source of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus that helps grows better crops than conventional chemical fertilizers. From a medical standpoint, healthy human urine is virtually sterile and does not pose any significant health threats. As for the taste of the food, not only does it not leave any distinctive flavor but many actually preferred the taste.

Perhaps it is time that fertilizing with human urine is given a new look. Not only can it benefit organic farming methods and help reduce our dependence on unhealthy chemical fertilizers, but it can also help third world countries protect their water sources and grow better crops.

May 03

Chocolate Sinks Loose Lips


Chocolate Kisses

Researchers studying the effects of chocolate on the heart were surprised by the powerful effects it had on the mind. The tests measured heart and brain activity at three separate times; once without any stimulation, once as the dark chocolate melted on the tongue, and once when the romantically involved partners kissed.

Since dark chocolate contains some highly stimulating substances, researchers expected the chocolate to increase the heart rates; however, they did not expect the boost in the brain, which was more intense and longer lasting that the excitement measured from kissing.

The results showed that both sexes experienced a similar "buzz" from the chocolate, although women are usually considered the bigger chocolate fans.

The overall conclusion of the study was that the "buzz" of chocolate was greater than that of the most passionate kiss. The chocolate used in the study was a new chocolate from Cadbury called Deeply Dark. The chocolate recipe contains 60 per cent cocoa and is similar to the exclusive recipe made for the British Royal Family.

Milton Hershey invented the chocolate Kiss 100 years before the recent study was released.

Apr 25

Breast Milk on Tap


Wet Nursing

Lactating nannies are making a comeback in the United States and are in demand by the Hollywood elite.

Wet nursing, the practice of using a woman to breast feed a baby that is not her own, dates back to ancient times and is still practiced in many cultures. In the past, royalty and members of higher classes would have their children wet-nursed so a woman could become pregnant again sooner, to ensure an heir. Practice in the U.S. declined with the introduction of formula milk in the early 1900s.

The rise in breast implants is adding to the wet nurse demand. The cosmetic surgery procedure can interfere with breast tissue and milk ducts, and thus impair the ability to produce milk.

With a standard fee of $1,000 a week, more and more women are finding employment as wet nurses, often moving from one infant to the next. The legendary wet nurse Judith Waterford was reportedly still producing breast milk on her 81st birthday in 1831.

Apr 20

Bacon Causes Lung Disease?


Bacon Lung Cancer

Eating cured meats like hot dogs, ham and bacon could increase your risk of developing lung disease, according to researchers.

A study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine examined the eating habits of 7,352 Americans. Those who ate cured meat products at least 14 times a month were 78 percent more likely to develop emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Researchers think the nitrates found in cured meats may cause the lung damage. Nitrates help foods keep longer and add flavor. However, researchers said more research must be done.

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